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21st Century Medical Network

Health Star Systems

Integrated Computer Network to connect all segments of the clinic system

Doctor and Patient
Exercise Classes
Computer Education
Nutritional Classes
Cooking Classes

Camp Bowie Wellness Clinic

The Camp Bowie Wellness Clinic allows for the patients in the clinic to benefit from the entire network whether at home, in the Wellness Clinic, the Health and Wellness Resource Center or on the open road.

At the same time all of the resources of the Camp Bowie Wellness Clinic are working together to provide the benefits to the members and seeing to all of the needs of the network function in support of the membership.

No matter where or when we are always your Medical Home.

While all the time CBWC Research Institute is working to ensure that the medical needs of our members are provided.

Allows the Health and Wellness Resource Center to provide all of the programming in an on-demand basis from the cloud.

Camp Bowie Health

Camp Bowie Health is a Kimera Representative for Exosomes.  We can provide Exosomes Products for services in hair restoration, anti-aging and other treatments.

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Fort Worth Texas


Monday - Saturday: 7:00am – 7:30pm    Sunday: 7:00am – 4:30pm

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